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Problem-solving is our speciality, that's why many Government Departments, NHS Trusts, Ergonomic DSE Assessors and Corporates task us with providing a solution to ergonomic seating & workstation issues.

A well-made and multi-functional orthopaedic office chair will help you and your staff attain a posture positive position to correctly align your spine and avoid bad backs. At Backchairs Direct we provide a guide to ensure each user is able to operate the chair correctly and attain the correct posture position.

Orthopaedic office chairs form only part of the self-management process necessary to reduce back pain. The process includes avoiding sedentary positions, like sitting at a desk all day, and adopting a correct posture position whilst being seated at your desk. Exercise and movement is a key component not only in the workplace but also at home. Whilst ergonomic seating will provide the functionality to achieve a posture positive position at your workplace, it is not a cure but a component of the process. Always seek professional advice from a Physiotherapist, Osteopath or Chiropractor on managing day to day lifestyles and improving spinal muscle tone

Office chairs for bad backs are sourced from leading manufacturers of orthopaedic office seating who only design and manufacture these specialised DSE office posture chairs in close collaboration with healthcare professionals. We support the UK economy by sourcing orthopaedic office chairs only from UK manufacturers. Due to our excellent working relationships with these manufacturers, we have developed a robust range of branded specialist office chairs for bad backs that is exclusive to Backchairs Direct.