Bad Back Chairs and Ergonomic Seating
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This highly anticipated chair with its sleek design is new to the market place and it's high back makes it a must for tall users. The additional back height supports the entire spine for added comfort to ensure the back is kept straight and upright when using the keyboard. The headrest option adds additonal height to the chair if selected. Standard fittings include:

- a multi-functional mechanism.
- extra deep seat (500mm extendable to 550mm)
with an option to purchase an additional 45mm of seat depth.
- 10mm layer of memory foam over the high quality
standard seat foam.
- a higher than standard gas stem
- polished aluminium base.
- height adjustable arms with forward/backwards sliding arm

We offer many options with this chair so it can be easily converted to a specialist chair for back issues, sciatica or coccyx pain.

It is important to understand that this is a specialist chair with non-standard dimensions. Please consider the dimensions carefully prior to purchasing the chair, especially the minimum height of the seat. This minimum height may or may not require you to raise your desk, if you have a standard desk it will almost certainly require raising. If you have a desk that cannot be raised please email us first so we can suggest alternatives.

Back Width: 490mm (At widest point)
Seat Width: 520mm
Seat Height Range: 630-820mm
Back Height: 720 (Without the headrest)
Seat Depth: 500mm (550mm with seat slide engaged)
Extra Seat Depth: 545mm (595mm with seat slide engaged)

Please note: The headrest featured has changed.

The fabric is 24 hour severe contract & conforms to:-

BS EN 1021 - 1: 2006 (cigarette)
BS EN 1021 - 2: 2006 (match)
BS 7176: 2007 Low Hazard
BS 7176: 2007 Medium Hazard
BS 5852: 2006 (ignition source 5).

Extra Tall Chair - BT809 Zenitha

Price: 797.00 (956.40 Incl VAT at 20%)
(Final cost of item will be based on purchase options below)
Choice 1

Fabric Colour

Choice 2

Extra 45mm Seat Depth

Choice 3


Choice 4

Inflatable Lumbar Support

Choice 5

Coccyx Cut-Out

Choice 6

Width adjustable arm brackets

Choice 7

Extendable Headrest