Orthopaedic office chairs and ergonomic accessories

Back and Seat Supports

A selection of Back and Seat Supports, providing seat and back lumbar support for chairs - for the office, home or out and about.

Putnam Wedge - Seating Wedge

A simple solution to improve your posture !
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Bakrests (L) - Back Support

Back supports researched and approved by the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital. Contoured in Putnafoam on a solid base. The Bakrests do not assume the shape of the seat, instead they hold their ergonomic shape to support the spine.
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Superest - Backrest

Supports the spine and lower back encouraging correct posture. Its shaped sides hold the overtaxed lateral muscles, giving double the support of any ordinary lumbar cushion.
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Rest-a-Back - Back Support

Simply place the Rest-a-Back Support over the back of your chair and adjust up or down until maximum support is felt in your lower back. The simple counterbalance will hold the cushion in place so there is no need to keep adjusting it.
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Lumbar Roll - Back Roll

Feel the roll supporting the lower back counteracting slouching when sitting at home, the office or in the car. Designed to be placed at waist high between you and your seat, sit well back in your seat and adjust for immediate support.
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