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Backchair S103 Posture Seating

S103 Posture Seating

Small Seating manufactured in the U.K. with ultra durable fabric. Shown here with the optional arms.
The key feature with this chair is the forward tilting seat, to enable the user to engage a good posture whereby the knees are lower than the hips. High density seat and back foams for comfort and support. Ratchet back height adjustment, 3 lever mechanism for chair height, seat slide, independent back & seat tilt. Full functionality at an affordable price.


Backchair 103 (For users upto 5' 4" tall)

Seat Width = 490mm
Seat Depth = 450mm
Seat Height = 460-585mm

Seat heights may vary depending upon options selected.

Lever 1 = Gas height lift
Lever 2 = Back rake and forward seat tilt adjustment
Lever 3 = Independent back adjustment or permanent contact support.

Please email us if you require a different fabric colour or indeed material than our stock offering.

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Backchair S103 Posture Seating

Price: 283.00 (339.60 Incl VAT at 20%)
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Inflatable Lumbar

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Memory Foam Seat Topper

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