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Backchair S403 Small Office Chair

S403 Coil Sprung

Small Chair S403 shown here with the aluminium base.
This unique design and use of coil springs in the seat spreads the users weight evenly across the chair avoiding compression points. If you prefer firm seating this chair is for you. Supportive, durable with high quality components. Features: height adjustable back, independent back & seat tilt lockable in any position and seat slide. All controlled by a simple 3 lever mechanism. Many options available that can be added to suit your requirements.

Seat Width = 490mm
Seat Depth = 450mm
Seat Height = 500-590mm

Back Height = 460-520mm
Overall Height 910-1060mm

The Fabric is 24 Hour severe contract & conforms to:-

BS EN 1021 - 1: 2006 (cigarette)
BS EN 1021 - 2: 2006 (match)
BS 7176: 2007 Low Hazard
BS 7176: 2007 Medium Hazard
BS 5852: 2006 (ignition source 5).

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Backchair S403 Small Office Chair

Price: 353.00 (423.60 Incl VAT at 20%)
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Inflatable Lumbar

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Memory Foam Seat Topper

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5 Star Base