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Classic Polo Saddle Seat

Classic Polo Saddle Seat

The Polly Saddle Seat is manufactured in the UK and is a high quality and robust alternative to many of the
cheaper alternatives.

Typical User Groups - Healthcare Professionals, Practitioners, Jewellers, Machine operators, Mailroom staff &
Active clerical staff. Supplied with 3 choices:- Brake loaded castors (Chair will not move when you are sat on it),
Standard Castors or Glides. Height adjustable and seat tilt adjustment. See the height choices.

Note: If you are a practictioner (I.E. Dentist) it is likely you will need a 12" or 14" gas stem to achieve a workable height.
Consideration should also be given to a footring when working at higher levels.
For taller users (6' 1.83m) we would also suggest a 12" stem.

9" Stem = Range 470-610mm - Standard
12" Stem = Range 550-750mm - Add £12.00 + Vat
14" Stem = Range 630-880mm - Add £18.00 + Vat

When will I receive my saddle seat?

Classic Polo Saddle Seat

Price: 267.00 (320.40 Incl VAT at 20%)
(Final cost of item will be based on purchase options below)
Option 1


Option 2


Option 3

Fabric Options

Option 4

Leather & Vinyl Options

Option 5

Gas Stem Height