Bad Back Chairs and Ergonomic Seating

Coccyx Chairs & Coccyx Seating

A range of chairs offering relief and comfort to those who suffer with coccyx pain and discomfort.

Coccyx Chairs for those problematic bony bits! This office coccyx seating range is ideal for those suffering from coccydynia. Tailbone and bony bits need specialist coccyx seating.

All our coccyx relief chairs are handcrafted in the UK by skilled professionals. Each chair in the Coccyx range has the area of the seat removed to provide maximum pressure relief for coccyx sufferers. We recommend the addition of our Sacropaedia Support Springs in the seat for equal body weight distribution.

CX007 - Coccyx Seating Chair

A durable Coccyx Chair manufactured in the UK, is available in three different sizes. Many additional options to suit your personal requirements, now including our free inflatable lumbar support. We would recommend that you select the Sacropaedia pocket springs as these retain the integrity of the coccyx cut-out walls in the seat better than foam does.

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CX106 - Coccyx Chair

We have included as standard on this chair the Sacropaedia pocket springs for two reasons, firstly it offers additional support to the cut-out area of the seat and secondly, improves your sitting comfort by distributing your weight more evenly across the seat thus reducing the sitting pressure.

Typical user: 5' 4" - 6ft. Maximum User Weight: 23st. / 146 kgs.
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CX306 - Coccyx Cut-Out Chair

The 306 brings comfort to a new level! The extra thick seat foam and the concave back provides a "Hug." Our Coccyx Seating is manufactured in the U.K with eco-friendly fabric.

Typical user: 5' 4" & Taller. Average stature. Maximum User Weight: 23st. 146 kgs
From 579.00 (Excl VAT at 20%) More Information