Orthopaedic office chairs and ergonomic accessories

Document Holders

Make multi-tasking simpler with document holders and book holders. Prevent neck rotation with an in-line document holder placed between the keyboard and display screen, this provides a functional work surface for shorter viewing distance between the document, screen and keyboard. The result is increased productivity and reduced risk of neck strain.

Go Flex and Go Flex Compact Multifunctional copy holder

Go Flex and Go Flex Compact, the Award-Winning Multifunctional Copy Holder.
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Clear Copy

An innovative and space saving design, the Clear Copy document holder and writing slope boasts 7 levels of adjustment to fit most screen heights.
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Clear Slope Pro

The Clear Slope Pro is quick and easy to use and benefits from a transparent work surface that fits over the keyboard for holding documents with an optional book holder for weightier objects.
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U Slope Pro

The U Slope Pro is a document holder and writing slope that is suitable for use with monitor arms, monitor blocks and laptops on laptop stands.
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FlexDesk 630N Writing Slope WS5

A very popular product that offers flexibility. FlexDesk is not only a document holder but also a writing slope.
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U Turn

Sturdy with 7 levels of adjustment for A4 landscape or portrait document and book support.
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Paperless Copywriter

A very unique and multi functional holder that can be used as a document holder or writing slope with the added advantage that you can make paperless notes. NO shredding and NO paper.
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A3 Perspex Copy Holder C231

A robust Perspex Copyholder which can also be used to support a laptop.
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