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Heavy Duty Office Chairs

Due to the specialist nature of these large chairs, knowing your height, weight and any seating issue you have is very important, we also do not show our full range of chairs here so if you prefer kindly provide this information via our Contact form at the top of the page with your contact details and we will get back to you with our help and guidance. It is also worth noting that our manufacturer will customise any chair to help with any specific issues a user may have.

Larger Heavy Duty Office Chairs

By their very nature these are large heavy duty specialist chairs from our orthopaedic seating range, and you may wish to seek further advice from us, in which case kindly use our contact form at the top of this page requesting a call back from us.

A range of heavy duty office chairs to accommodate users upto 30st (191kgs) with additional options to tailor the large chair to match your requirements. Some of our larger chairs are fitted with a coil sprung seat which offers far superior seating support over foam, sometimes we have steel plates fitted to support the seat instead of wood, width adjustable arms providing extra width if required, heavy duty mechanisms fitted with gas stems rated to 40st. (254kgs), or even our new SIX star base. Please contact us if you wish a Coccyx Cut-Out version of these chairs. We know our large chairs best so why not seek our advice.

We do not share any personal information you provide to us.

Heavy Duty Chair - B509

A heavy duty chair range that is manufactured specifically for users in a weight range of 20st (127kgs) upto 30st (191 kgs). The seat and back is specially fitted with coil springs to ensure your body weight is evenly distributed across the seat.

From 820.00 (Excl VAT at 20%) More Information

Heavy Duty Seating -B709 XXL

The B709 is the ultimate chair for the larger user, it is the beast of our big chairl range! We can work closely with the manufacturer to customise this chair, for example we have supplied a version of this chair to a person of 34 stone (216Kgs). We will work with you for the best solution.

A B709 buyer says "I love my chair and find it the best investment I've made in the office" RT Devon
From 997.00 (Excl VAT at 20%) More Information