Orthopaedic office chairs and ergonomic accessories

Sit-Stand Desk

It has become accepted now that having the ability to sit or stand at your desk offers substantial posture benefits. These popular desks offer complete flexibility in terms of whatever working height you wish. Besides taking you away from a sedentary seating position it also resolves many issues, especially for taller users, who are working a standard height desk which of course are just too low. Tall users not working at the correct desk height will be in a posture negative position which may lead to many upper limb problems.
IMPORTANT : Please ensure the desk size you order is condusive with the available space in your office plus that your monitor, mouse and keyboard have sufficient wiring to reach the stated maximum height.

Sit Stand Manual Desk

Our entry level crank Sit-Stand desk is a simple lever operated height adjustment which enables you to establish multiple working heights. Its just amazing the difference you experience when you move from a sitting position to a standing one. The benefits of these desks cannot be over emphasised whether they are being used by tall people, users with specific medical conditions or simply and most importantly as part of maintaining your office health. As with all of our desks we our agents will assemble and install the desk in your office for no additional fee but this is only available for UK mainland destinations, please contact us for other locations.
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Sit or Stand Ergonomic Desk

Sit or Stand Desk - Anyone suffering with back pain will tell you that after sitting down for a while the need to stand becomes overwhelming. These versatile sit or stand desks are simple to operate and allow you to move from sitting to standing positions at the press of a button. We have been offering these for several years now with positive client feedback. We prefer to have our specialist agents assemble and deliver these desks to ensure that any questions you have can be answered at that time. No additinal cost for UK mainland only for other locations kindly contact us. Why not join the modern office world today!
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