Bad Back Chairs and Ergonomic Seating
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Maternity Seating

A chair offering the ultimate in support and comfort. After the pregnancy the chair can be used as a day to day back pain chair

A maternity chair can make those final months so much more comfortable than with a standard office chair. It is now becoming common practice for a company to purchase these chairs and have them readily available. They feature the unique Sacropaedia Pocket Sprung! seat that offers so much more comfort than foam. PLUS When the chair is no longer required for maternity then it doubles up as an excellent orthopaedic office chair for those back pain sufferers.

MAT606 Pocket Sprung Maternity Office Chair

As a pregnancy advances, the body can experience increased stress, strains and discomfort. Our sacropaedia pocket sprung seat will greatly reduce the pressure on your pelvis and sacroiliac joints as it equalises and distributes your weight across the seat more effectively than foam.
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