Bad Back Chairs and Ergonomic Seating
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Saddle Chairs

Not for everyone but excellent for positive posture and very functional for specific tasks.

Our Opinion : A different style of seating that for posture is excellent however they can be a bit of a challenge to sit on all day long. Therefore, we would not recommend this style of seating to be used throughout a normal working day unless you have been professionally advised to do so (i.e. by a physiotherapist)

Saddle chairs are ideal where you are in an active role. Typical User Groups - Healthcare Professionals, Practitioners, Jewellers, Machine operators, Mailroom staff, Active clerical staff & Students.

Polly Saddle Seat

A versatile saddle seat with several options available
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Classic Polo Saddle Seat

This superior ergonomic Saddle Chair is manufactured in the UK and is supplied with a standard 9" Gas Stem to suit most user heights. Heavy Duty Polished Aluminium base with a choice of castors. The Footring featured here is an optional extra.

Improve your back posture with our Saddle Chair The Seat places you in a posture positive position by rotating your pelvis forwards achieving the natural 'S' curve position. Not for everyone though as it is a very disciplined form of seating.
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