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Sit Stand Manual Desk

An extremely simple desk to operate which permits you to set the level of the desk at your desired height whether that is in a sitting or standing position. Simply turn the handle to change the desk height. The desk is offered with two options for the rectangular top, either Beech, Maple or White all are fitted with port holes as a standard fitting. There is no cross beam on this desk.
These versatile desks are simple to operate and allow you to move from sitting to standing work with the turn of the handle. The two-legged, height-adjustable desks come with a choice of rectangular desktops pre-fitted with port holes.

Important information:

Single step, stand-sit height mechanically adjustable
Height Adjustment 620-1050mm
Capacity (kg) Moving 60 / Static 80
Made from powder coated steel.

Our price includes our installation service UK Mainland only

Sit Stand Manual Desk

Price: 490.00 (588.00 Incl VAT at 20%)
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Desk Top Colour

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