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Kneeling Chairs

A different style of seating that we believe should be used and interchanged with a good quality office chair.

Before purchasing a kneel chair please consider the following:-

If you have a knee condition will placing your body weight on them cause you more problems?. This type of ergonomic seating is designed for users who will be sitting for short periods of time and to release the pressure from the lower back area, however some users do find it suitable for longer periods, but this is not the norm. It is a disciplined form of seating, which over time strengthens the core muscles. The Putnam kneeling chair offers height adjustment and angle adjustment between the seat and kneeling pad. The weight tolerance for the chair is specified at 17st.

Putnams Posture Kneeler

3" Deep padding - larger framed kneeler. Online purchase only. Price shown includes delivery.
This kneeling was voted as the experts favourite in a 'Which' Kneeler Chair Report. Best Seller!
From 164.00 (Excl VAT at 20%) More Information

Putnams Coccyx Cut-out Kneeler

3" deep padding - Larger framed coccyx kneeler. Online purchase only. The price includes delivery.
Voted the experts favourite in a 'Which' Kneeler Chair Report.
From 166.00 (Excl VAT at 20%) More Information