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Article: Tilting Chairs

25th Aug 2006

For generations, restless school children have been ordered to stop swinging on their chairs. But scientific evidence now suggests that what Sir and Miss dismissed as an annoying habit might have lifelong benefits. The action of tilting your chair forwards puts the body into a naturally good posture and prevents slumping.

With a growing number of children complaining of back pain it might be the quickest and cheapest remedy. The average school life means a youngster spends up to 10,000 hours at a desk. As many as 60 percent have admitted to some back problems and almost ten percent end up with serious back pain.

The charity BackCare is lobbying ministers to make sure money spent on school furniture goes towards ‘back friendly chairs’. The charity believes teachers are now realising that a straight back can improve concentration, performance and behaviour. It wants the ‘ubiquitous’ plastic bucket chair to be replaced with adjustable, forward-tilting chairs and angled desks, which were popular in the Victoria era.