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Back Care Seating & Tips

26th May 2021

Back Care Seating & Tips

Firstly, be aware of wild claims about Back Care Seating & Tips especially that a chair will resolve all your issues. The bottom line is that a chair can give you greater mobility, better support and improved posture BUT, your life is not just about sitting at a desk looking at a computer. Self management of your entire day is important to improve your overall wellbeing. You will not just sit in a chair and that will resolve everything for you – it won’t.

This statement may seem a little odd coming from a seating specialist. However, the proprietors own experience has confirmed his belief following a lot of research and discussions with professionals, all of which unfortunately took place post back surgery following which he took part in back pain research at Kings College Hospital London. Advice from clinical practitioners who can guide sufferers in the management of their back pain through exercise and posture was invaluable. The proprietor not only has had a discectomy, numerous injections in his lumbar spine but also nerve blocks in his cervical spine and just too much medication to mention.

All of this acted as a trigger to take control and manage the process. A visit to a Chiropractor/Osteopath or Physiotherapist of course helps and should be pursued as required, but take note of the exercises they suggest – do them, don’t ignore them when you feel better!. Daily exercises are important to improve your overall wellbeing let alone your spine health. From the time you awake in the morning to your return to bed at night be aware of your posture. Get the day off to a good start, learn how to get out of bed correctly in the morning by rolling and using your arm strength instead of your back muscles.

Will Back Care Seating help? Well, the answer to that question will very much depend upon what the underlying issue is. Very few of us sit correctly and too many of us sit for longer than our bodies are designed for. In the context of posture the answer is yes, but realistically get your pain diagnosed first. Many times we have declined the sale of a chair without the buyer obtaining a formal diagnosis of their condition. Whilst most back pain self resolves over a relatively short period, some does not and that needs expert diagnosis. Years ago the general guidance from medical practitioners was “lay down for a few days”, nowadays its “KEEP MOVING”, If your pain has not self resolved after 6 weeks, seek advice, make a plan and manage the process.

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