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Sacropaedia Springs

Coils and Sacropaedia Pocket Springs.

We are a specialist seating company that focuses on resolving musculoskeletal disorders in the office environment. Through our innovative use of both coil springs and pocket springs we are able to offer enhanced support and weight distribution for maximum seating comfort. This being far superior than just foam. Ideal for anyone suffering from sciatica. The pocket springs are a must for a coccyx cut-out seat as they hold the integrity of the cut out and avoids that often known complaint that the foam cut out has collapsed.


Orthopaedia Coil Springs
The original and genuine Orthopaedia Coil Springs are incorporated as standard in some of our chairs. Coil Sprung chair seats reduce and equalise body pressure that even the best foam chairs cannot. This is a major benefit for users suffering with sciatic nerve, sacroiliac joint and pelvic girdle issues. Having coil springs fitted in the seat ensures that every movement of the body is supported. They also significantly increase the life of the seat when compared to foam and offer enhanced support for the larger user..

coil spring


Sacropaedia Pocket Springs

  • Improvement of Core Stability
  • Improved Postural Support
  • 72 Individual Pocket Springs
  • Instant response to movement
  • Reduction of skeletal compression
  • Air flow producing Cooler seating
  • Springs tested in excess of 10 years

Sacropaedia has been developed between Backchairs Direct, Sit-Well Limited,  a specialist seating and desking DSE Assessor and the UK’s leading back care seating manufacturer who specialise in sprung seating technology.

Sacropaedia pocket sprung seats are exclusive to Backchairs-Direct Limited.

Sacropaedia pocket sprung office chairs with their effective design provides high levels of comfort and support where it is needed most. This targeted support gives relief from various medical ailments as well as simply providing an extremely comfortable experience. The unique properties of pocket springs allow for individual sculpturing, ensuring that users of all shapes, sizes and weights are supported to the maximum, adapting instantly to your individual contour and body shape.

Our seats have 72 individually pocketed springs working separately and in conjunction with each other to provide exceptional support and comfort, a feat that foam alone cannot perform. From the moment you first sit on a Sacropaedia seat your individual contours will be supported and every movement , however slight, will be subject to the instant response that only springs can react to.

Due to the nature of the springs, the Sacropaedia will not collapse over time, unlike some foam seats. They are designed so that Sacropaedia will not lose more than 3% of its height in 10 years.

Sacropaedia’s ability to adapt the supportive nature instantly to any contour makes it ideal for all our seating range especially for multi-user environments or multi -shift operations, such as;

  • Call Centres
  • Control Rooms
  • Multi-Shift operations
  • 24 Hours usage
  • General Office Use
  • Home office Use

pocket springs

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