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Is Taking a “Tablet” the answer for “Text Neck”

19th Jul 2020

Is Taking a “Tablet” the answer for “Text Neck”

Recent studies now show that users of “Tablets” should avoid wherever possible using them on their laps which can cause painful hunching of the neck. Replacing the old faithful DeskTop may have many advantages but it certainly has some more serious disadvantages when it comes to posture issues.

The issues are all too similar to those highlighted in our recent Text Neck blog and recent studies by the Harvard School of Public Health clearly demonstrate this fact. We are often called to offices to carry out seating and/or desking assessments, but when it comes to musculoskeletal disorders, especially of the upper limbs, the source may not be in the office, but actually at home using SmartPhones or Tablets.

Given that very rarely are children taught how to sit correctly there is probably little hope that manufacturers will issue a posture guidelines to use the products correctly and safely. However, following the pandemic awareness and understanding has increased as workers discovered what working at a dining table on a dining chair really meant in terms of posture. Hopefully this will translate to better education around INDIVIDUAL needs for seating and desks.