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Office Chair for Tall People

25th Aug 2020

Office Chair for Tall People

Office Chair for tall people have not been available for many years, simply because office furniture manufacturers are unwilling to make individual chairs or chairs that there is not a mass market for. So specialists manufacturers have stepped in. For the tall person it is essential that a tall chair has the maximum seat depth available to support thighs. Equally chair height is essential to benefit from a tall office chair. We also note that having the correct chair can lead to issues with a desk, as chairs should not be adjusted lower simply to fit the desk – the desk is wrong not the chair !

A new standard (BS EN 527-1 2011 has been issued to address the desking and table standards previously covered within BS EN 527 Part 1:2000.

A European office furniture standards committee found that over the past 30-40 years people have been growing taller but the industry standard for desk dimensions has not accommodated this change. Being 180cm (6′) tall might have been rare in the 1970s but now you have to be 190-200cm (6′ 4″) to be noticed ! Taller users struggle with their legs hitting the underside of the desktop, knees knocking into structural beams and the inability to stretch their legs without hitting an obstruction or modesty panel. Low desk also are a major contributor to upper limb disorders caused by a negative posture.

Backchairs Direct Comment – “Fixed height desks will slowly disappear as more and more firms migrate to height adjustable desking to resolve all height issues for staff”. Although we only offer a limited desking range on our website we do supply a wide range of height adjustable desking.

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