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Maternity Office Chair

A maternity office chair offering the ultimate in support and comfort for expectant mothers. We offer  Sacropaedia Pocket Springs  as standard on this chair as we believe that the weight distribution on the seat is significantly better than just foam.  The benefits of this distribution might include reduced pressure on the pelvic girdle and less pressure on the sciatic nerve. Equally adopting a posture positive position, which the maternity office chair enables you to do, will also release any upper body weight from your lower back, with the a reduction in lower back pain.

After the pregnancy the chair can be used as a day to day back care chair. The chair we offer is of standard size however, should you wish a smaller or larger model please email us requesting a call back. Our manufacturer is always willing to adapt the seat and or back size to suit your specific requirements.

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  • Maternity Office Chair Pocket Sprung – Vantage

    Maternity Office Chair Pocket Sprung – Vantage

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