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Office Coccyx Chair

A Office Coccyx Chair for those problematic bony bits! The coccyx chair offers relief and comfort to those who suffer from coccydynia or other coccyx pain and discomfort.

Should you wish a pad of the cut-out section kindly select that option during checkout. As you condition improves you can place the pad into the cut-out. This will bring the chair back to as close to a standard chair as possible.

The cut out seat reduces the pressure on the sensitive area. That coupled with a posture positive seating position will ease the discomfort you experience in the workplace.  The cut out is enhanced by our pocket sprung seat which holds the walls of the cut out, whereas foam over time generally collapses.

Our manufacturer is a specialist, which is important as specific modifications to the cut out can be made. e.g. wider, longer or covered. However, 99% of users do not need or require a modification to an Office Coccyx Chair.

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