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Office Posture Seating

Office Posture Chairs  designed for bad backs of varying height and weight. Most of our chairs can be adapted to suit specific specialist needs.  The chair colours do not necessarily match with the options available. We have a large range of fabrics and materials available for all our office posture chairs, please email us for any specific requirement you have.  Most importantly our fabrics pass tests for office and domestic use.  Many retailers of specialist chairs have extremely complicated websites and we have found by separating the various categories and limiting the number of chairs in each, greatly assists the online purchase.

We can mix and match virtually all our chairs in most combinations, again if you have a specific requirement please let us know.  As an example recently we supplied a standard sized chair in this range with a very tall back from the tall range.  Most things are possible.

Manufactured in the UK by Ergonomic Specialists and each chair is built to order as these are not OFF THE SHELF chairs.

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