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Small Office Chair

A small office chair offered in a standard small size. If you have a requirements for a different size back or seat, we can accommodate various mix and match backs amongst our entire range. Plus our manufacturer will also make a seat or back to measure if it is possible, and most things are!.

Our chairs are not “Off the shelf”, and as they are made to order enhancements and changes can be made very easily. This is almost entirely unheard of in the office chair manufacturing industry. Simply put, one size does not fit all.

One of the main issues for smaller users is that a standard size chair will have a seat that is simply just too deep. To avoid reducing the blood flow behind your knees, you will often sit forwards of the back. This is removing any benefit from a supportive back on the chair completely !

If you are particularly petite i.e. less than 4’10” please do let us know so we can identify what measurements will be most appropriate for you. ¬†Please just email us asking for a call back – you won’t have to wait long.

Whilst we can sit you low by placing a very small gas lift on the chair it generally is not the answer. It is more than likely you will be sitting at a standard height desk. This being the case you will need a footrest. Again this is very important for your overall posture.

A small chair range that we have supplied for many years has many options available for you to choose from. However, if there is something not listed just let us know, its easy to add …

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