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Tall Office Chairs

Our range of tall office chairs  have a choice of high or broad backs, exceptionally deep seats and optional headrests as well as options for customisation. A chair that just adjusts higher is not suitable for a taller person. Our tall chair range is manufactured by UK specialists with many options available.

It may take some time to get used to Tall Office Chairs, as it is most likely you will have been sitting on an inappropriately sized one for a long time. There are many different views regarding what determines a tall chair, from our point of view it must offer, additional height, addition seat depth to support your thighs and if required a taller than average back. However, what is a taller than average back – that’s pretty much a personal choice. The bottom line is typically our backs are around 620 to 720mm high. If you wish a smaller height back just let us know and it is most likely this can be accommodated.

You will almost certainly need to have a desk that can either be raised  or is higher than a standard one, otherwise you will only adjust this chair lower to suit your desk – That simply doesn’t make sense ! Make sure you can raise your desk prior to ordering a tall chair. This often can be achieved by adding desk raisers.  Request a call back if you need advice.

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