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Maternity Office Chair Pocket Sprung – Vantage

£454.00 ex VAT (£544.80 Incl VAT at 20%)

As a pregnancy advances, the body can experience increased stress, strains and discomfort. Our sacropaedia pocket sprung seat will greatly reduce pressure on the pelvis and sacroiliac joints as it equalises and distributes weight across the seat more effectively than foam.  The one thing that won’t happen is that the seat will flatten over time, which can often be the case with simple foam seats. If there is another chair within our tall, coccyx or small range that you may think would be more suitable for you, then again let us know so we can ensure it is appropriate as judging chair sizes is a complex business.


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Maternity Office Chair Pocket Sprung

When you or your company no longer have the need to use this as a maternity chair it is a very good quality back care chair for anyone suffering with posture issues.

This Maternity Office Chair has the benefit of the Sacropaedia pocket sprung seat with a seat slide (To increase the seat depth if required). Also fitted with inflatable lumbar support and a layer of memory foam on the seat for additional comfort during pregnancy, the mechanism fitted to this chair has a forward tilting posture positive function to help reduce the compression in the base of your spine. All other options are listed to enable you to customise the chair to suit your requirements and of course budget. Maximum weight tolerance 23st 146kgs.  Please request a call back via email if a greater weight tolerance or chair size is required.

During pregnancy you might wish to also consider our leg support if you are suffering from painful swelling in your legs. See our Leg Support

Please email us if you require a different fabric colour or indeed material than our stock offering. We currently have access to a range of domestic fabrics that might be more in keeping if you are working from home.  Whilst we are trying to make you as comfortable as possible with this chair, don’t forget that movement is essential and you should take regular breaks during and after pregnancy – this is important. If you require different dimensions in terms of the seat or back, as the chair can be supplied in several sizes. Please email with your requirement.

Seat height 485-610mm
Seat width 515mm
Seat depth 500mm (550mm with seat slide option)
Back width 540mm (at widest point)
Back height 600-660mm.

Seat heights may vary depending upon options selected

Article of Interest

Certainly consider this option if you are taller than 6'0"
A stylish finish that covers the standard plastic shell back
Height adjustable with high tensile steel fixings , plus a sliding arm pad. The brackets increase the width by 100mm
The head rest or neck rest is fully adjustable in height, and can be rotated forwards to suit your requirements.
The tailbone area of the seat is removed ensuring maximum relief to your sensitive area.
Reach of chair controls at a low level can cause unnecessary twisting and discomfort. This is easily resolved with our seat level levers.
100% Polyester fabric. BS 7176 Crib 5 & BS 5852 Source 0 & 1
Whichever type you choose we always recommend a chair mat to ensure your floor is protected.
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Product Options Information

  • Deeper Seat for taller user

    If you are over 6'0" tall you should consider this option.
  • Fabric covered outside back

    A stylish finish that covers the standard plastic shell back
  • Height Adjustable Arms with sliding armpad

    Height adjustable with high tensile steel fixings , plus a sliding armpad.
  • Memory Foam Topper on Seat

    The manufacturer places a layer of memory foam over the standard seat foam or springs.
  • Colour Selection

    100% Polyester BS 5852 Source 0 & 1, BS 7176 Crib 5 . Ideal for the home or office.
  • Control Left or Right side

    Control Left or Right side
  • Height, Depth and Width adjustable arms

    The addition of the width adjusters offers additional flexibility to the stand height and depth adjustment. The adjusters increase the width by 100mm. Total flexibility.
  • Inflatable Lumbar

    You can inflate the lumbar support to suit your individual lumbar space and provide the support you need.
  • Seat Slide

    A simple control that enables you to increase the depth of the seat by 50mm
  • Coccyx Cut-Out

    Suffering from Coccydynia, Haemorrhoids or general Tailbone discomfort our coccyx cut-out seat chairs and seating provide the support and comfort you need.