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Coccyx Chair CX008 – Virage

£512.00 ex VAT (£614.40 Incl VAT at 20%)

This comfortable Coccyx chair with an impressive seat cut-out is manufactured in the UK and will help to relieve pressure and pain on the tailbone. The supportive Sacropaedia Pocket Springs  offer additional support to the cut-out area of the seat and secondly, improves comfort by distributing your weight more evenly across the seat thus reducing the sitting pressure. Our manufacturer is a specialist and can put a coccyx cut-out seat on ANY on our website.  We can work with you to find the best solution to your issues.

Typical user: 5′ 4″ – 6ft. Maximum User Weight: 23st. / 146 kgs.

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Coccyx Chair

A coccyx chair manufactured in the UK.
The forward tilting seat enables the user to engage a good posture whereby the knees are lower than the hips – letting the upper body weight transfer down your legs, thus reducing compression on your lumbar spine. High density seat and back foams for comfort and support. A coccyx chair for coccydynia. The Sacropaedia Pocket Springs not only spread your weight more evenly across the seat but they also retain the integrity of the cutout. We are often told by clients that they have tried cut-out coccyx cushions, but over time these have flattened and negated the value of the cut-out, this really isn’t surprising given it is foam, this is completely avoided when pocket springs are installed into the seat.


A coccyx chair that offers as standard a cut-out seat, Sacropaedia Pocket Springs, 5-star nylon base, inflatable lumbar, seat slide – increases depth by 50mm, tension controller, height adjustable back, back tilt and angled seat. The manufacturer has incorporated as standard a double layer of memory foam topper for comfort.  Our chairs are NOT  “Off the shelf chairs,” each one is manufactured to order so therefore, generally they can be modified to your exact requirements.  We can also ask our manufacturer to modify this chair if you require that, just email us and we can let you know quickly whether it is possible.

Please email us if you require a different fabric colour or indeed material than our stock offering..


Backchair CX008 (For users 5′ 4″ or taller)

Seat Width = 510mm – Depth = 500mm
Seat Height = 485-610mm
Back Width = 500mm
Back Height = 600-660mm
Overall Height = 1025-1245mm

Seat heights may vary depending upon options selected.

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Read what the NHS say about Coccydynia

The head rest or neck rest is fully adjustable in height, and can be rotated forwards to suit your requirements.
Bespoke extended seat offering increased depth and adjustability. A must for users over 6' tall.
The adjustable arm brackets increase the width by 100mm
The upholstered pad can fill the cut-out space should the chair be used by a non sufferer..
100% Polyester fabric. BS 7176 Crib 5 & BS 5852 Source 0 & 1
Whichever type you choose we always recommend a chair mat to ensure your floor is protected.
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Product Options Information

  • Extended Seat for users over 6′

    Bespoke extended seat offering increased depth and adjustability. A must for users over 6' tall.
  • Height and depth adjustable arms

    Height and adjustable arms with sliding arm-pads for additional adjustment.
  • Domestic Fabric

    This domestic fabric is compliant for use in the domestic environment. Also it is compliant in the commercial office. Please ensure you have visited the manufacturers website to view the selection.
  • Height, Depth and Width adjustable arms

    The addition of the width adjusters offers additional flexibility to the stand height and depth adjustment. The adjusters increase the width by 100mm. Total flexibility.
  • Seat Slide

    A simple control that enables you to increase the depth of the seat by 50mm
  • Inflatable Lumbar

    You can inflate the lumbar support to suit your individual lumbar space and provide the support you need.
  • Castor types

    We always recommend the use of a chair mat to protect your floor.
  • Upholstered Cut-Out Pad

    The cut-out part of the seat. Fills the cut-out area for a non sufferer.